6 technology personality types: which class sounds like you?


The Apprentice

Not all of us have used a computer, created a free email account or mastered how to use a scanner.   Are you new to computers? Maybe you have a friend or grandparent who is ready to try?  All three branches offer classes for new or inexperienced computer users. Our teachers are skilled at helping people who are just starting out. Durr even has open labs for one-to-one help.

Upcoming classes:
First Time Computer Users
Internet for Beginners
Create an Email
Exploring the Internet
Saving your files, and organizing your PC
One on One Digital Services Assistance
One on One Photo Scanning and Editing


The Professional

Who doesn’t need to update their Microsoft Office skills with new versions coming out all the time? Learn how to make logical spreadsheets, impressive presentations or flyers with impact. When you finish the complete series (Word, Excel, Publisher, PowerPoint), add your new skills to your resume and start looking to apply them in our job searching on the Internet and resume classes.

Upcoming classes:
Microsoft Excel
Microsoft Publisher
Job Searching and the Internet
Microsoft PowerPoint
Microsoft Word


The Gadget Whiz

You love your devices but want to know more about how to use them.  Yes, your phone and your tablet are fun and useful tools.  But what are some great apps? What can you iPad really do? How can I access use the library with apps? Maybe your curious about purchasing an e-Reader like a Nook or Kindle instead.  Our app, iPad, and e-Reader classes will have you reading and searching on the go in new and interesting ways.

Upcoming classes:
Top iOs and Android Apps
iPad Tips & Tricks
Library Apps for Your iPad or Android
Introduction to e-Readers


Connected Lunchtime Learner

Grab your lunch and put on your headset, it’s time to multitask. Want to get the basics of how to borrow ebooks or download Runner’s World on your iPad for free? These online classes help you learn about the community and the often forgotten online resources the library offers.  We are always looking for speakers and topics for online classes. Submit a name or add your idea by filling out this form.

Upcoming classes:
The library on your iPad, iPhone, or Android
Searching Consumer Reports
Value Line and Morningstar
Quick guide to e-books
Bike month and the Flying Pig: online cycling and running books and magazines
Open Education: learning for free


The Creative Guru

Technology is your tool to make and create.  You’ve always wanted to learn more about what Adobe products can do and secretly want to start a Maker Lab in your basement. Curious about how to print 3D designs?  Wanting to build skills in graphic design to make brochures, edit images, and make amazing graphics?  Maybe you want to introduce your kids to programming.  These classes are for the maker in you.  Note: the Adobe classes will be lecture style so bring your laptop if you have the programs. Coding will take place on library computers.

Upcoming classes:
3D Printing

Adobe InDesign
Adobe Photoshop
Adobe Illustrator
Kid Coders


The Web Adventurer

So many websites so little time.  We all use the Internet but you want to make the most of it to find better information, score great deals, and sell your wares. You aspire to master Google and tweet and pin  like a social media star. Wondering how to  plan your vacation and share the photos when you’ve returned from paradise? Looking for long lost relatives? Learn how to find them with genealogy research sites.  These educational and entertaining classes save you time and money, are fun to attend,  and will bring our the web explorer in you.

Upcoming classes:
Pin Pictures with Pinterest
Getting the Most from Online Genealogy Research
Intro to Craigslist & Free Cycle
Vacation Photo’s
Vacation Planning Online
Buying and Selling on eBay
Intro to Etsy
Twitter Tips & Tricks

You don’t have to fit these personalities to take these great classes and learn something today. Search for computer classes on our events page by visiting  http://www.kentonlibrary.org/events and selecting “Computer” under Categories or “Online” under Location.

Rather learn on your own?

Create an account with your library card and use computer tutorials from LearningExpress Programs: Microsoft Office, Adobe Creative Suite, and Windows and Mac OS

Check out great books

Web Development
Graphics software (Adobe and more)
Social Media

Download e-books



Subscribe to digital magazines in Zinio



Fourth Week of Giveaways; Your Holiday Entertainment

What will you be doing over your holiday break?  If you plan on spending the entire break checking your Facebook, watching TV, or playing Farmville you should probably check out some entertainment alternatives. Your local friendly Teen Librarians have compiled some resources to help you out!

Okay, first of all: I have to promote the library for your entertainment needs. You can download 3 free mp3s a week with Freegal and look at a ton of different magazines for free online with Zinio. Just go to this link! You can sign up for Zinio and Freegal accounts with your library card number If you don’t have your card or don’t know your number just give us a call and we can look it up for you! http://www.kentonlibrary.org/ebooks/indextmp.htm

Okay, now let’s get to the real fun. Hopefully you’ll be getting some video games for Christmas. Don’t worry, if you don’t get them you can just check them out from the library!

Borderlands 2 just came out. We will have it. Go here to reserve your copy from the library!

Avengers: Battle for Earth was released in December. You can also get it from the library here!


Did you get or give an iPad, iPod, or iPhone today?

If you did, welcome to your new favorite game! It’s free, it’s social, and it’s   more fun than endlessly hitting refresh on your favorite webpage until school starts up again.

This is a game called “SpaceTeam”. The first thing you want to do is find 2-4 other people who have also downloaded it and get them in the same wifi or Bluetooth with you. Then your goal is to fix the most breaking-est spaceship ever, by saying silly words! Everyone has a set of controls and some instructions for another player’s controls. Set your Spring-Loaded Irritant to 1, tell your sister to turn off her Twinmill, flip your phone upside-down to avoid asteroids, and do it all before slime completely covers the screen!

If the idea of your house being filled with people shouting about sigmaclappers and wormholes doesn’t actually sound all that great (and your wifi doesn’t extend to a porch or patio you can exile bundled-up players to), have you tried Draw Something yet? It’s a game like Pictionary, where one player is given a random word to draw and their opponent has to guess what’s been drawn.  The app is free and available in iTunes and the Android Market. You can also play online. This is a turn-based game, so there’s less talking with other players and more texting your friends to remind them that it’s their turn.

Fourth Week of Giveaways:

There are so many ways to win!!!  Are you ready to enter the Week 4 Giveaway?! You could win a $25 iTunes gift card and Kenton County Public Library prize bag! To enter simply do one or all of the following and leave a separate comment IN THIS POST to be entered to win:

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Easy, right? Just make sure to leave a separate comment for each entry on this post. The winner will be chosen randomly and will have to pick the prize up at the Erlanger, Covington or Durr Branch Library. The contest ends Monday, Dec. 31 at noon. The winner will be emailed and has 24 hours to respond. Good luck and happy holidays!

~*~ Post written by Eden Rassette and Jessy Griffith, Teen Librarians at Kenton County Public Library ~*~