New Year Resolutions

Prize Pack

Prize Pack

As we kick off the New Year, many of us think of resolutions we’d like to fulfill. The Kenton County Public Library has a lot of free programs, materials and services that can help you keep those resolutions. We will even get you started with your Healthier New You resolutions by giving away a Bob Roncker’s gym bag, $10 gift card to Bob Roncker’s, a 2012 Racing to Read T-shirt and a KCPL water bottle. See below for your chance to win but first…

Many people resolve to improve their health.  The Durr Branch Library offers Wellness Walkers in Northern Kentucky and a Diabetes Support Group each month. The Erlanger Branch will offer a class on Exercise Myths and How to Really Get Fit. Of course the Library offers a plethora of healthy cookbooks and how to exercise, as well as exercise DVDS and video games.

Maybe finding a new job, improving your job skills or advancing your education is on your list of resolutions. The Library offers basic computer classes like First Time Computer Users, Microsoft Word and Excel. We also offer GED, resume writing and job searching classes. Registration is required for most.

Taking up a craft like knitting, quilting, scrapbooking, jewelry making might be on your list. We have programs and books at all three branches to help discover your creative side. One book some of our staff members recommend is “Junk box jewelry : 25 DIY low cost (or no cost) jewelry projects” by Sarah Drew.

Abby and JebReading more, writing, exposing your children to books, doing more as a family or learning another language are things many people resolve to do. You and/or your children can learn a language for free from any computer with an Internet connection. Storytimes are a great way to spend time with the family and expose everyone to different books, crafts and songs.

The Library also offers free programs on getting organized, learning to use your eReader, writing, public speaking and researching your family.

Be sure to pick up a few books, DVDS, magazines or video games while you are attending a free program. Not sure what materials are right for you to keep your resolution? Check out our Pinterest page. Several staff members worked on this page to help you throughout the year. You can click on the links and put the items on hold.

To kick off the New Year, the Library is giving away a fun Library Prize Pack (see top photo). You have four chances to enter.

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  4. Tell us what program you will attend or item you will check out to help you keep your resolution.

Easy, right? Just make sure to leave a separate comment for each entry on this post. The winner will be chosen randomly and will have to pick the prize up at the Erlanger, Covington or Durr Branch Library. The contest ends Monday, Jan. 7 at noon. The winner will be emailed and has 24 hours to respond. Good luck and happy holidays!


Third Week of Giveaways; Making Life for Educators a Little Easier at KCPL!

The Kenton County Public Library supports education in our community in several ways including special library cards for teachers and specific programs for homeschoolers. For week three of giveaways, we have a pencil pouch filled with goodies, a Library tote bag, several bookmarks and a $20 gift card to John R. Green. But first, let’s talk about some of the ways the Library can help make education a little easier at home and in the classroom.

Biology, social studies, geometry; oh my! Being a teacher that provides schooling at home or in the classroom can be a lot to handle at times; balancing curriculums and finding the right books to pair with a lesson takes time, but the library is here to help.  Most people don’t know that we have services catered specifically to help teachers and students in a homeschool setting.

All three branches of the Kenton County Public Library now host homeschool programs on a regular basis that teach your child the subjects they need to learn. We’ve had huge success with these programs and we’re always eager to see new faces. While at our programs, children have created rock candy and cracked open geodes while learning about geology, visited the Extension Office to learn about growing and harvesting, and explored chemical reactions by combining Mentos and Diet Coke to make a skateboard rocket. Each program offers an exciting topic and new opportunities to learn through hands-on activities and visual aids, not to mention interaction with their peers.

Our programs are designed to be stand-alone lessons, making them a great supplement to what you’re already teaching your children at home. We like to have fun, but we take our programs seriously. We pay attention to the Kentucky Core Content Standards so that you can rest assured that our homeschool programs are educational and not just fun and games. So sit back, relax, and let us help them learn. Each branch offers homeschool programs on a wide variety of topics at regular intervals, so be sure to check our calendar to see which programs fit your needs and schedule. We also have a great list of resources that the Library carries on our Pinterest page.

Not only do we offer great programs for children, we offer perks for the educators who help them learn. We offer special cards for teachers, both homeschool and traditional teachers alike, so you don’t have to use your personal card to check out books for your classroom. With a teacher card you can check out up to 50 books for 28 days, and we offer a nice little bonus: a 14-day grace period from fines for items that don’t make it back quite on time. All you have to do is show us a current school ID and paperwork, such as a pay stub, to confirm your occupation and we’ll set you up with a card.

If you’re feeling a little overwhelmed and stressed with lesson planning, let us help you by gathering books for your next lesson. You can submit a request for a Teacher Collection at any of our locations in person, by phone or online, and we’ll gather books for your next lesson. Just tell us your topic and how many books you’d like us to gather and we’ll carefully select books that fit your request and make sure they’re ready when you need them. We know being an educator of any kind takes a lot of hard work and preparation, and we’re here to help.

We’re always glad to hear feedback from you on how we can improve our programs or expand them to reach new audiences. Feel free to comment below on suggestions you have for us regarding teacher services and homeschool services. Here’s what others have had to say about our homeschool programs:

“I love the hands on activities for the kids. Group is so interactive and adaptable for all three of my children (grades 4, 6, and K). They all look forward to coming every month and continue to talk about each program for days to come. Truly educational and fun.”  –The House family

“We love the Homeschooler’s Club! My two kids (9 & 6) are so excited to come each month. The activities are always very engaging and educational. We also enjoy the variety presented each month and the wonderful resources that you send home. Thank you for an excellent program.” –Anonymous

“I am so thankful that there is a homeschool group at the library. It is always so organized and informative. My kids love all the programs and we always sign up at the beginning of the month. Thank you all so much!” –Anonymous

Third Week of Giveaways:

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Easy, right? Just make sure to leave a separate comment for each entry on this post. The winner will be chosen randomly and will have to pick the prize up at the Erlanger, Covington or Durr Branch Library. The contest ends Monday, Dec. 24 at noon. The winner will be emailed and has 24 hours to respond. Good luck and happy holidays!

This post was written by Krysta Wilham, Children’s Staff Member at Durr

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