New Year Resolutions

Prize Pack

Prize Pack

As we kick off the New Year, many of us think of resolutions we’d like to fulfill. The Kenton County Public Library has a lot of free programs, materials and services that can help you keep those resolutions. We will even get you started with your Healthier New You resolutions by giving away a Bob Roncker’s gym bag, $10 gift card to Bob Roncker’s, a 2012 Racing to Read T-shirt and a KCPL water bottle. See below for your chance to win but first…

Many people resolve to improve their health.  The Durr Branch Library offers Wellness Walkers in Northern Kentucky and a Diabetes Support Group each month. The Erlanger Branch will offer a class on Exercise Myths and How to Really Get Fit. Of course the Library offers a plethora of healthy cookbooks and how to exercise, as well as exercise DVDS and video games.

Maybe finding a new job, improving your job skills or advancing your education is on your list of resolutions. The Library offers basic computer classes like First Time Computer Users, Microsoft Word and Excel. We also offer GED, resume writing and job searching classes. Registration is required for most.

Taking up a craft like knitting, quilting, scrapbooking, jewelry making might be on your list. We have programs and books at all three branches to help discover your creative side. One book some of our staff members recommend is “Junk box jewelry : 25 DIY low cost (or no cost) jewelry projects” by Sarah Drew.

Abby and JebReading more, writing, exposing your children to books, doing more as a family or learning another language are things many people resolve to do. You and/or your children can learn a language for free from any computer with an Internet connection. Storytimes are a great way to spend time with the family and expose everyone to different books, crafts and songs.

The Library also offers free programs on getting organized, learning to use your eReader, writing, public speaking and researching your family.

Be sure to pick up a few books, DVDS, magazines or video games while you are attending a free program. Not sure what materials are right for you to keep your resolution? Check out our Pinterest page. Several staff members worked on this page to help you throughout the year. You can click on the links and put the items on hold.

To kick off the New Year, the Library is giving away a fun Library Prize Pack (see top photo). You have four chances to enter.

  1. Comment here telling us what your New Year’s resolution is.
  2. Follow the blog by hitting the “Follow” button and comment here that you did.
  3. Follow Kenton County Public Library on Facebook and leave a comment saying you did.
  4. Tell us what program you will attend or item you will check out to help you keep your resolution.

Easy, right? Just make sure to leave a separate comment for each entry on this post. The winner will be chosen randomly and will have to pick the prize up at the Erlanger, Covington or Durr Branch Library. The contest ends Monday, Jan. 7 at noon. The winner will be emailed and has 24 hours to respond. Good luck and happy holidays!


106 thoughts on “New Year Resolutions

  1. I’m making better and healthier food choices for my family and myself. I’ll be checking out the Hungry Girl books and any other close by books that will help keep us on the right track.

  2. My new year’s resolution is to start eating out less and cooking healthier meals at home. I am also continuing my college education with start my second semester in a couple weeks.

  3. My resolution is more of a reaffirmation….to continue with my fitness goals. I am adding being more patient and less hot headed to that list (wish me luck on that one! haha)

  4. I want to expand my at home exercise repertoire so looking up some new fitness videos is on my list and the library has a great selection so I know I will find what I am looking for!

  5. My news resolution is to run the half pig marathon!! It would be my first half!! But I need to buy running shoes!! And to lose 25 pounds!!

  6. The books I want to check out are weight watcher books and running book!! Thanks hope everybody is having a great 2013

  7. I resolve to download more free music from Freegal through the library website.
    i resolve to look better in a bathing suit.

  8. My new years resolution is to hike 12 hikes from the book 60 hikes within 60 miles of Cincinnati and to run the Flying Pig full marathon.

  9. I resolve to read a book a week, to exercise more, and to play more games with my teenagers. Finding things that interest all of us is a challenge. I hope that the library has books that can help us find common interests.

  10. I’m going to be cooking healthy food and making healthier food choices for my family. Also, I want to be more present for my kids.

  11. This year I would like to remove things from my schedule that do not bring ‘joy’ to me or my family. To stop feeling so obligated on items that others push on us. Using the ‘new’ time to have a closer relationshio with Christ and my family.

  12. I made two resolutions. The first is to stick to a budget and the second is to limit clothing purchases. We’re 4 days into the new year and things are going great!

  13. I am trying to be more organized with activities with the kids. I do a lot of crafts with them already just want to be organized when summer comes and they are home all day. With three of them and one I will be watching I hope I can get a semi schedule together of educational things/lessons to do with them. 🙂

  14. I check out all kinds of kid educational books; like simple science projects and learning centers and games for kids. 🙂 We also attend storytime and for you, for me, for later programs.

  15. My New Years Resolution is to start exercising again, eat better and when resting from all that exercise to download from KCL to my Kindle to read!

  16. My resolution is to lose 30 pounds this year. I also want to eat healthier and pack my lunches for work to save money. I plan on checking out some healthy cookbooks from the library to accomplish this. Basically, I want to spend 2013 trying to better myself physically and mentally. I also want to start searching for a job that I can use my degree in.

  17. My resolution is to become the best ME that I can be in every aspect of life. Help others more, be a better friend, and show my kids how life should be full of happiness. As a family we are changing our eating habits and being more active. By starting with myself I can help make the world a better place.

    • Tonya, I love the Cooking Light books and magazines. They have yummy and easy recipes that the kids will actually eat. We are playing Wii Just Dance and other active games together more as a family, which gives family time and helps us stay fit. Good luck in the new year Tonya. – Gina

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